I’m not a hardcore user of spreadsheets. Usually, I just need to add some numbers up or track something (expenses, hours, income). I knew that spreadsheets are powerful and extensible, I just rarely needed these functionalities. Until now.

One thing that I was doing for quite some time, is tracking my investments. Each month or so, I was logging into all my investment accounts – and there are quite many of them, definitely too many – and manually copy-pasting values to track the current values of my wallets. Tedious and time-consuming. And yes, I know that there are specialized tools for that, but I don’t think I’m advanced enough (yet) to need them – a simple spreadsheet is enough for now.

Yesterday, I’ve had enough, and I thought about automating it somehow. I found out about Google Finance service and the related GOOGLEFINANCE function in Sheets. This greatly helped me to automate the process. Nothing advanced, but it should save me some hours in the long run, so I thought I can share it.


I invest using three currencies: PLN, EUR, and USD. Yet, I want to have one currency for tracking wallet values. I’ve chosen PLN. It’s not ideal, as a wallet value depends not only on the actual stock/fund/bond price, but also on the currency rate. But that’s the choice, for now.

It turns out, that I don’t need to update the currency rate manually. It can easily be done with the GOOGLEFINANCE function in Sheets. For example, to get the current rate of EUR to PLN, you can use =GOOGLEFINANCE("CURRENCY:EURPLN").

Stock Price

Similarly with stock prices. You can easily fetch many attributes about a stock using the GOOGLEFINANCE function in Sheets. I don’t have big needs here, and it’s enough for me to know the current price of a stock, and it’s as simple as =GOOGLEFINANCE("NASDAQ:GOOG)" (remember about the market prefix!). For more details, check the docs.

ETFs are also available, if you invest in them – like I do. For instance: GOOGLEFINANCE("LON:IWDA").

Custom functions

Automatically fetching stock prices is neat, but what if you own some mutual funds? Or you are in a market that isn’t supported by Google Finances?

Fortunately, Google provides a possibility to extend Sheets with custom functions, using App Script. With some JavaScript, you can create a function that can easily be called in Sheets and fetch a fund’s price.

It’s nicely documented how to create a function here, so I won’t be retyping it here. For fetching data from the Internet, you can use the URL Fetch Service.

The hardest part might be finding a source of data/API that will contain what you need. At least that was my case (Polish market).

But, after some digging, I found out that there is an API on analizy.pl. I don’t know if that’s an official API, as I didn’t find any documentation, but if you watch the traffic, you can figure out where the data comes from. I’ve created a small script for that:

function FUND_PRICE(fundTicker) {
    const url = `https://www.analizy.pl/api/quotation/fio/${fundTicker}`
    const result = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url)
    const parsedData = JSON.parse(result.getContentText())
    const prices = parsedData.series[0].price
    prices.sort((a, b) => new Date(b.date) - new Date(a.date))
    return prices[0].value;

Deploying and using it (e.g. =FUND_PRICE("INK04")) is a matter of seconds (see the docs). And yet, it’s quite powerful.


I realize that these are just the basics of what can be achieved in spreadsheets, especially when extended with custom scripts. Nevertheless, I believe it will save me quite some time in the future, and I hope it will inspire someone else too.